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Program Manager Sustainability

Your role

As a Sustainability Program Manager at Interfood, you play a crucial role in leading many platforms and initiatives designed to promote sustainability in the dairy industry. Equally, you partner with notable companies and professionals to continuously improve traceability and the sustainability standards of food supply chains. In this role, you will be leading a boots-on-the-ground approach by collaborating with on-farm specialists, cooperatives and customers. You will have responsibility for the oversight of projects in several European countries. These projects focus on providing technical, logistical and knowledge-based solutions to solve the most pressing sustainability challenges.

As our new Program Manager Sustainability you:

  • will work across scope 1, 2, and 3 programs.
  • will collaborate with project partners to make a meaningful impact and drive forward best practices in the industry.
  • will develop an implementation approach, monitor the results, and lead the adaption of projects. 
  • will innovate the approach and methodology used to place our client ahead in the industry. 
  • will build a global network of customers, developing and sharing new knowledge on agri-food sustainability.

Your profile

Drives results: Demonstrates a strong motivation and passion to achieve success and deliver results in a competitive environment by excellent program and project management.
Strategic mindset: Acts as an orchestrator by effectively coordinating activities and aligning resources to achieve goals.
Cultivate innovation: Possesses a creative mindset with the ability to develop new ideas and solutions that drive forward-thinking strategies.
Organizational Savvy: Skilled in navigating complex environments within and outside the organization, building and maintaining strategic relationships to enhance business outcomes.
Plans and aligns: Strong ability to implement and improve processes, ensuring efficient and effective operations.

Your colleagues

Nancy Winkelmolen 2
Nancy Winkelmolen
Sr. Dairy Sustainability Specialist

Why Interfood?
Interfood is an organization that truly listens to the industry and understands what is important, including sustainability. As an employee, you have the opportunity to present new ideas, and the company not only listens but actively encourages this. There is plenty of room to develop. Additionally, Interfood is a great employer, fostering a supportive and positive work environment.

What do you expect from your new colleague?
We're seeking a new colleague who's passionate about sustainability, agriculture, and dairy farming. This person should be a team player, collaborative, creative, and ready to celebrate successes with the team. Building a strong team dynamic is important to us, and we expect our new colleague to actively contribute to this.

What do you like most about working in sustainability?
For me, it is crucial that we integrate sustainability into the core of our organization. Together with our partners, internally and externally, we seek and implement solutions to develop a more sustainable future. Our efforts focus on improving the climate, enhancing animal welfare, and ensuring a sustainable dairy farming sector, as well as for the farming families and co-workers who carry out their work with passion every day.

Iris Budie
Iris Budie
Program Manager Sustainability

Why Interfood?
The sustainability team is characterized by its diversity, passion and strong vision. Interfood is the kind of employer that is open to new ideas, a key enabler for our team to constantly innovate. It provides an open culture built on employee health and wellbeing, and a 'work hard play hard' principle.

What do you expect from your new colleague?
In the fast paced environment of our sustainability team, it is crucial to be able to balance an innovative mindset with a structured approach when needed. Communication is key to make sure everyone is walking (running) down the same road, while also allowing for a change of direction. This is the agility I would expect from my fellow to-be program manager.

What do you like most about working in sustainability?
Working in the sustainability profession implies working in a constantly changing environment, without a clear rulebook. It is an area that is in development, particularly in dairy, and it is exactly this characteristic that makes it so exciting. Working in sustainability means you can truly contribute to developing an industry, building on flexibility, boldness and ambition.

Our offer

  • Competitive compensation and benefits. Salary depends on your experience and education.
  • 40 hour work week, 25 holidays.
  • We value your personal development and have a strategic focus on our learning program.
  • Free delicious and healthy lunch.
  • Participate in fun team activities.

About Interfood

Do you like to work for an international company? Do you value professionality and quality? Are you comfortable in a dynamic environment? But on the other hand looking for cooperation in a close and informal team? Then Interfood is the ideal employer for you.

The Interfood Group is a leading global dairy trading company (milk powders, butter, cheese, dairy blends etc.). The Group consists of 14 offices in all continents with more than 350 employees. Our constant strive for optimal quality, up-to-date knowledge and a profound focus on service, enables Interfood to create the difference for its robust network of both clients and suppliers.

Interfood keeps on growing and developing by its proactive market approach.

We stimulate personal development and initiatives from our employees. Interfood, originally a family-based company, proves that global professionalism can still be combined with a unique personal company culture, in which we focus on following values: Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism & Responsible Leadership. All contributing to our purpose: Together for better.

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