In-house career day - Join us for a day!


Join us for a day on May 8, 2023

We're offering the chance to join us for a day at Interfood to experience what it's like to be a trader. You'll have the opportunity to join one of our teams, meet senior traders, and gain a deeper understanding of the role of a trader. Plus, you'll get to hear firsthand from a junior trader about their experience working at Interfood.

Join us for a day to get a taste of our informal culture and ask any burning questions you may have. We have only a few spots left. Fill out the form below, include your CV, and secure your place today!

All attendees that are interested will be invited to discuss a potential internship or a job as a Junior Trader.

Program in-house career day

  • 12.15 Interfood bus pick-up at Eindhoven Central Station
  • 13.00 Welcome + lunch
  • 14.00 Presentation 'Interfood and the World of Trade'
  • 14.45 Break
  • 15.00 Presentation Derivatives
  • 15.30 Presentation Risk Management
  • 16.00 Case
  • 16.30 Drinks
  • 17.30 Bus trip back to Eindhoven Central Station

Edwin van Stipdonk

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

“Interfood is a leading global dairy supplier, facilitating the distribution of dairy products. We work to the same standards globally, focusing on providing our services to customers in the best way possible. With offices all over the world and an experienced multicultural staff, we are highly adaptable to different languages, cultures and customs, and committed to a sustainable industry. Allowing the world to enjoy food responsibly. Now and in the future.”

Edwin van Stipdonk

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