Fat filled whey powder


Interfood supplies fat filled whey powder. Our specialists and technicians have been using their expertise for over 45 years to select this top product for a variety of applications.

We keep on improving as the market is in constant movement and we know how to keep on top of it.


Your products are upgraded thanks to our fat filled whey powder

Our fat filled whey powder is bought by our own specialists so that we can guarantee not only the quality of the end product, but also the quality of the cheese the whey comes from. Interfood’s fat filled whey powder is manufactured from spray drying cheese whey and contains either palm or coconut oil. These oils are stabilized, refined and natural. We know what our clients need and that is why we deliver this tarif buster product to our suppliers and customers all over the world.


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We are here to answer all your questions

If you have any questions regarding our fat filled whey powder, just contact our Interfood offices. Wherever you are in the world, we will be happy to help you and to inform you about anything you want to know. Our team is always available for you.


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