With the background information below we would like to introduce
Interfood to you in more detail.

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Our vision

'Trust is the foundation on which all great companies are built. When we earn their trust, there is no limit to what we can do for our stakeholders.'

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Our mission statement

'We want to offer both our suppliers and buyers the best
service in global dairy.'

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Our values

'Ambitious - Trustworthy - Dynamic'




We invite you to take a look at our rich history, coming from a small local family business having grown into the trusted leading global dairy company we are to today.



The Foundation of Interfood: exporting Condensed Milk and Calf Milk Replacers from Holland to Italy and Greece.




The organisation grew to 16 employees by the end of the decade. Their focus was to provide our European customers with the products of Skimmed Milk Powder and Whey powder. At the end of the decade Interfood also began exporting to countries outside of Europe.




Interfood goes global. In this era the base for our current global structure was created, opening offices in all continents with local people sharing the same dairy passion as the Dutch founders did. At the end of this era, the by then 150 employees were supplying milk powders, whey powders, butter, AMF, and cheese to all parts of the globe.




Interfood's global structure is set, and therefore the time had come to further develop our service, logistics and financial programs. Our quality insurance and R&D departments as well as our Ingredients branch were established. The global Interfood offices are now all working with the same procedures, share market and product information on a structured basis and develop the global dairy market together.




We look back, celebrating our 45th anniversary. Our passed values still remain and our high level of service that brought us where we are today has a proven record. Currently trading 1,000,000 MT of dairy products globally with the trust and appreciation from both our customers and suppliers, Interfood is now anxious to further develop and grow the global dairy market.




First some trivia: did you know that:

2.7 billion people globally have limited access to drinking water?
Over 600 million people globally lack clean drinking water permanently?
3.5 million people die every year as a consequence?
Interfood's high quality milk powders need clean water to guarantee that perfect end product?

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Therefore Interfood Holding signed a long-term commitment with Made Blue in Q2 2015:

  • Made Blue will build a deep water well in Western Africa (we are currently investigating a possible village in Senegal for feasibility) that is fully sponsored by Interfood.

  • During 5 years, Interfood will sponsor an annual amount that is equal to the water needed to dissolve our annual product volumes in Western Africa.

  • This amount will provide a deep well + reservoir with 4 tap points that will provide structural certified drinking water for about 5.000 people for a period of 20 years.


The Interfood board is excited and proud to announce this partnership as we feel Interfood has a social responsibility towards our planet And we believe this project meets our corporate goals the best: 

  • Water and dairy are the source of life.

  • We have an office in West Africa which is also an important upcoming market for us.

  • Water management has always been an important Dutch asset and becomes more and more important for the future of our planet.

  • Our line of business, agriculture and transport, are important consumers of water and this way we can give something back.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the project on a regular basis and can't wait to see our Interfood deep well in progress. 

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