Managing Board

The Managing Board of Interfood Group is responsible for the policy and operational course of affairs within the company and thus the realization of the objectives, the strategy, the development of the results and the social aspects of entrepreneurship relevant to the company.

Composition, tasks and responsibilities Managing Board

The Managing Board consists of three members and is collectively responsible for the management of the Company. This means, among other things, that the Managing Board is responsible for the policy and the operational course of events within the company and, therefore, for the achievement of the goals, the strategy, the development of the results and the social aspects of doing business that are relevant to the company. The Managing Board is also responsible for compliance with legislation and regulations, the management of the risks associated with the company activities and for the financing of the company.

The members of the Managing Board

Frank van Stipdonk

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Joined the Managing Board in the role of CEO in 1990.

Born in 1957, Frank joined Interfood in 1978 initially the role of Logistics Manager before becoming Commercial Manager in 1980 and Vice President and shareholder in 1980. In 1990, Frank took the plunge, being highly committed to the business, and became CEO. Now, more than 30 years later, Interfood has grown the business substantially. From a team of four to the global enterprise it is today, encouraging a culture of teamwork, passion and dedication.

Frank graduated from Technical College (HTS) and completed a Non-Executive course at Nyenrode University.

Frank is Supervisory Board Member of AS E-Piim Tootmine, President of the Eucolait European Association of Dairy Trade, and Board member of GemZu.

CEO Interfood

Constantijn (Stan) Sweep

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Joined the Managing Board in the role of CFO in February 2014.

Born in 1968, Stan is a Dutch national and holds a master degree in Business Economics from Erasmus University and an executive master in Finance & Control from Nyenrode University. Before joining Interfood, Stan worked in different roles with the VION Food Group, Royal Philips, and ING. In addition to managing the financial teams, Stan also has responsibility for global IT and HR.

Stan is a Supervisory Board Member of AS E-Piim Tootmine.

Stan Sweep 2

Edwin van Stipdonk

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Joined the Managing Board in the role of CCO in November 2020.

Born in 1985, Frank’s second son, joined Interfood in 2009 in the role of Trader straight after graduating from university. After picking up various commercial and managing roles within Interfood, both in Bladel and in Singapore, Edwin joined the Board in 2020 in the role of CCO. Edwin is in charge of the commercial strategy, business development and growth of our commercial organization.

Edwin holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Avans University of Applied Sciences and a master degree in Financial Management from Nyenrode University.

Edwin van Stipdonk

Extended Board

The Extended Board consists of the Managing Board plus the CIO, CHRO and CSCO, and supports the Managing Board in the day-to-day operations.

Composition, tasks and responsibilities

The Extended Board is responsible for implementing the strategy, by translating the company goals into concrete plans and specifically representing the people and digital aspect of our company. Currently, the Extended Board consists of three members.

The members of the Extended Board

Ran Panday

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Joined the Extended Board in the role of CIO in July 2021.

Born in 1971, Ran holds a master degree in Business History from Erasmus University and joined Interfood in the first month of 2017, in the role of Global IT Director after various IT leadership roles at multinationals in the Netherlands and USA. As of 2021, Ran became Interfood’s CIO and joined the Extended Board. In this role Ran is responsible for the provision of information. ICT, business strategy, and the organization are important areas of attention, where nowadays, being able to predict trends is a key factor for success. With all developments in the world of information technology and data our strategy of becoming a data-driven organization is enabling our teams to work with latest technologies and leading global partners on digital innovations and award-winning solutions.

Ran Panday

Mirjam van der Horst

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

Joined the Extended Board in the role of CHRO in October 2021.

Born in 1974, Mirjam holds a master degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Before joining Interfood, Mirjam worked in various international HR roles with Philips, AON, Media Markt, Mediq, and Center Parcs. In addition to leading the Global HR team, Mirjam is responsible for Global Communication. By attracting the right talents and developing our people Mirjam is driving our companies’ strategy and goal to create a world class team.

Mirjam van der Horst

Arnoud Buizer

Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)

Joined the Extended Board in the role of CSCO in September 2023.

Born in 1973, Arnoud holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. Before joining Interfood, Arnoud worked in various international roles in Supply Chain Management with ExxonMobil, Royal Nedalco and most recently, Cargill. Arnoud focuses on optimising our global Supply Chain operations to ensure top-quality services for our suppliers and customers.

Arnoud Buizer