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Driven by innovation and a deep-rooted passion for food science, our Research & Development (R&D) team aims to be thought leader in the business-to-business (B2B) dairy ingredients market. We’re committed to creating added value for both customers and suppliers by perfectly aligning dairy product and food application needs. Based on expert advice, we collaborate intensively with commercial teams to increase supply flexibility and provide customized dairy products for our customers. Our forward-thinking approach helps suppliers to develop and market novel dairy products for unmet market needs. We are committed to leading industry innovation, through exploring the potential of emerging technologies such as precision fermentation of dairy proteins across diverse food applications.

How Research & Development add value

In 2017, we recognized the industry’s tendency to rely on subjective analysis for the performance of dairy ingredients in food applications, such as the ‘thumb method’ for assessing butter hardness or the ‘fork test’ for evaluating mozzarella stretchability on pizza.

Since then, our Research & Development Team has established a state-of-the-art Dairy Food Studio, developing unique, objective and precise testing methods for a variety of food applications – ranging from cheese for pizza, butter for bakery, dairy powders for confectionary industries and beyond. Our product application expertise is backed by an extensive benchmarking of dairy ingredients, deep knowledge of our suppliers’ production technologies and understanding of our customers’ needs. Collaboration with university students has deepened our insights into the effects of a wide portfolio of dairy ingredients across various food applications.

Hence, this enables our Research & Development team to offer strategic supply solutions, overcome product application challenges and develop new markets for innovative dairy ingredients. By sharing these insights with our global network of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we co-create new business opportunities and drive innovation through lasting partnerships: together for better.

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