Butter & AMF (anhydrous milk fat)

Fat is a necessary component of the daily diet, with butter and milkfat supplying essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants for the body. Butter is a natural source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and antioxidants. The irresistibly taste and creamy texture of butter provides customers around the world with a quality-driven product that enhances flavour in a multitude of applications. Butter and anhydrous milk fat (AMF) are widely used for functionality in different sectors such as bakery, processed cheese and chocolate. Interfood offers you flexible solutions by delivering butter and AMF in a variety of compositions, origins and packaging according to your requirements.


Butter is a dairy product produced by churning the cream from cows milk. It is widely used in the processed cheese and bakery industry. We also supply re-packers making consumer products. Butter is naturally composed of milk fat, water and milk proteins, and it comes in several forms:

  • Unsalted lactic butter
  • Unsalted sweet cream butter
  • Salted sweet cream butter
  • Texturized butter
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Anhydrous milk fat (AMF)

AMF, which stands for anhydrous milk fat, contains a minimum of 99.8% milk fat. AMF is made by removing almost all moisture and non-fat solids from pasteurised 40% milkfat cream. AMF comes in different types:

  • Anhydrous milk fat (AMF) (> 99.8% milk fat)
  • Anhydrous butteroil (> 99.8% milk fat)
  • Butteroil (> 99.3% milk fat)
  • Butter ghee

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