Dairy ingredients, especially butter, are highly valuable in the bakery industry. They bring taste, texture, and a nice colour to many products such as biscuits, cakes, and croissants.

Bakery products

Bakery is a broad market that can be split into two main segments:

  • Croissants & puff pastry
  • Cakes & biscuits

Bakery consumption can be characterised in two main ways:

  • Indulgence
  • On-the-go

Croissants, cakes or other pastries are often outdoor impulse purchases linked to pleasure and fulfilment.

Dairy ingredients – especially butter – are highly valued in the bakery industry. They bring taste, texture and colour to end-products. They can also be used to make value-added claims on packaging thanks to their natural image.

Successful pastry products depend on a combination of factors including: adapted texture, reproducible colour, buttery taste and last but not least, competitive price. Interfood adapted dairy solutions with optimal functionalities deliver on all these.

We offer a wide range of ingredients for bakery:

We have the following solutions for this industry:

  • Butter brings creaminess and authentic buttery taste. The performance of butter in applications such as croissants and cookies depends on multiple factors. Interfood has many years of knowledge and experience to find the perfect match for you.

  • Lactose, whey permeate and sweet whey powder can be used as browning agents and cost-competitive fillers.

  • WPC80 is used for protein enrichment.

  • Skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder. In cookies for browning and taste purposes.

  • Buttermilk powder gives soft texture during shelf life and is used as flavouring and emulsifying agent in many food applications.

Bakery products

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