Life at our HUB offices

Welcome to the world of Interfood, where passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship converge. With our footprint spanning across three continents, our story began in The Netherlands and we’ve found homes in 14 countries globally, with The Netherlands, Singapore, and Uruguay as HUB offices, each bringing its unique flavor to our global community. Our HUB offices are more than just workplaces; they are melting pots of creativity, collaboration, and innovation, and they’re always buzzing with passionate people who drive our success.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, our Dutch offices in Bladel and Eindhoven are where European tradition blends with cutting-edge technology to create a recipe for success. Immerse yourself in the lively spirit of Asia in our Singapore office, where diverse cultures inspire fresh ideas daily. Or bask in the warm embrace of Latin America in our Uruguay office in Montevideo, where each day is an opportunity to collaborate, compete, and drive toward success together.

Experience the world through Interfood by visiting the HUB office that speaks to you the most. Click through to get an inside look into our vibrant spaces and discover why Interfood is the perfect place to unleash your passion and potential.

Global Group picture

Global Headquarters - Eindhoven

Discover our global office in the heart of the Brainport region, the Netherlands.

Europe - Bladel & Warsaw

Plunge in the World of Dairy at our Europe HUB.

APAC - Singapore, Beijing, Melbourne & Dubai

Dive into the Melting Pot of Cultures at our APAC HUB.

Americas - Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Mexico-City & Miami

Experience the Family-like Culture at our Americas HUB.

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