Ice cream

The ice cream industry is undergoing an evolution of innovations, where a wide range of functional ingredients are being used. The source, type and amount of each ingredient in an ice cream formulation and the manufacturing process affect the structure, stability and sensory perception of ice cream.

Ice cream products

In developed countries, the ice-cream market is mainly driven by pleasure seeking and new healthier solutions such as clean label, natural and authentic recipes. In emerging regions, consumption is developing fast thanks to impulse buying.

Ice cream comes in different forms and each kind of ice cream (bulk, soft, Italian-style or extruded ice cream) requires specific functionalities:

  • Meltdown delay
  • Extrusion capacity
  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Recipe costs optimisation
  • Emulsification properties

We offer a wide range of dairy ingredients for ice cream:

  • To intensify taste and creaminess - Buttermilk powders
  • To bring milky taste, extrusion capacity and shrinkage resistance – Dairy powders
  • To improve organoleptic qualities and texture - Anhydrous milk fat and butter
  • To enhance creaminess while reducing recipe costs - Sweet whey powders
  • To minimise meltdown delay and maximise creaminess - Whey protein concentrates
Ice cream products

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