Milk powders

Milk powders are solid ingredients obtained through a dehydration process, also called milk drying. The final water content should not exceed 5% of the total weight. This almost total dehydration allows milk powder to be stored at room temperature.

We offer a wide range/portfolio of milk powders:

  • Skimmed milk powder:
    Skimmed milk powders are manufactured by obtaining fresh cow’s milk that has been skimmed, pasteurised and concentrated by vacuum evaporation. This concentrated milk is then spray dried or roller dried. The varieties are sold as Low Heat, Medium Heat and High Heat milk powders.

  • Full cream milk powder/whole milk powder bulk:
    Full cream milk powder is manufactured by pasteurising and homogenising fresh liquid milk. Water is then removed by evaporation and by spray drying or roller drying. The varieties are sold as Low Heat, Medium Heat and High Heat milk powders.

  • Buttermilk powder:
    Buttermilk is a co-product of butter making. It can be dried to obtain buttermilk powder which has a low fat content and is a very good source of proteins. Protein composition of buttermilk powder is the same as skimmed milk, however its fat content is slightly higher than in skimmed milk powder. Buttermilk powder is also a source of calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin and B12-vitamin.

  • Fat filled milk powder:
    Fat filled milk powders are skimmed milk powders enriched with vegetable fat before dehydration. This helps reduce formulation costs for a product without impact on quality.

  • Infant grade:
    Our infant grade ingredients meet the high standards required for the production of infant formula. Food safety and quality have the highest priority in wet- and dry-blend infant nutrition applications. We offer various dairy ingredients that comply with infant grade requirements.
Full cream milkpowder

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