Sustainability solutions

Interfood as a responsible value chain partner

Sustainability solutions

Sustainability is becoming more and more important to consumers and significantly influences their buying decisions. It is a complex problem for the dairy industry which has, on the one hand, always contributed to nutritious and healthy diets for people. But at the same time issues connected to climate change, animal welfare, biodiversity and soil fertility need to be addressed. We are committed to looking beyond our core product and service offerings to ensure we contribute to a sustainable dairy industry and healthy planet. At Interfood we believe that a sustainable future for our industry is one of the key strategic topics we need to focus on and we are committed to take ownership.

Measuring product sustainability

An example of our commitment to sustainability is the adoption of various existing science-based methods to develop our own. With our own method we are able to measure the greenhouse gas equivalent of our products – from the feed production for the cows right up to delivery in our buyer’s production facilities. Based on this method we can offer you several solutions that match your sustainability goals.

Sustainability solutions

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