How we create value


Human capital
During 2023 we employed an average of 342 employees (FTE) and their exceptional talent and capabilities are the foundation of our business.

Intellectual capital
Our organisation has a deep understanding of the dairy industry, including market dynamics, technical expertise, and sustainable practices among others. Our knowledge enables us to deliver exceptional service to our partners.

Financial capital
Our conservative financial strategy (31.3% solvency) and strong partnerships with financiers allow us to reach our full service potential.

Natural capital
Environmental resources such as energy (2,007 MWh) and commodities (1,202 kMT purchased) allow us to run our operations.

Social and relationship capital
Underpinned by our transparency with stakeholders, social and relationship capital is the foundation of our strong network (311 unique suppliers and 1,082 unique customers), assisting us to carefully manage our impact on local societies.

How we create value




male/female ratio



of employees receiving regular performance and development reviews




Managing risks for


unique partners



incidents of non-conformities identified and solved



MT Kalla products sold



MT turnover



Revenues generated



Taxes paid

357 tCO2 scope 1
 95 tCO2 scope 2

1,473 tCO2 scope 3 (scope 3.6 and 3.7), 

1,926 tCO2 Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard offsets



of volume sourced from SDP members



transport providers engaged in carbon development projects


Sustainable Solutions

We facilitate partnerships and offer sustainable solutions to assist our partners in addressing environmental challenges at farm level.

Sustainable value chain

Our commitment to sustainability extends to promoting high product quality, safety, and traceability among our partners, thereby contributing to a more sustainable value chain.

Sustainable employer

We are dedicated to being a sustainable employer by prioritising the well-being, safety, and diversity of our workplace, as well as fostering continuous learning and development opportunities for our team.

Sustainable operations

Sustainable operations are at the core of our business, encompassing ethical business practices, secure data management, and minimisation of our environmental impact.

Sustainable Society

Our efforts towards contributing to a more sustainable society are represented by the annual budget we make available to invest in a future-proof food sector.


Our activities have a broadreaching impact. Our efforts contribute to various aspects of sustainability, yet we deliver the greatest value in advancing the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG 08
SDG 12
SDG 13
SDG 17

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