Sustainable solutions

Interfood is actively advancing its sustainability objectives. While we acknowledge and celebrate our successes, we also recognise that this is an ongoing journey and there are many more milestones to reach.

Sustainability pillars

To fully integrate sustainability into our daily operations, we build on five strategic pillars. This framework is our tool to direct Interfood’s global efforts to fulfill its purpose and achieve sustainable growth.

Sustainable solutions

With a focus on farms and farm inputs, which are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain, this pillar aims to understand and reduce the negative effects of the farm and feed stages. Sustainable solutions covers important issues such as improving animal welfare, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and managing land and soil use responsibly.

Sustainable value chain

Our framework includes a pillar dedicated to managing scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions that arise throughout the value-adding logistics stages of the value chain, as well as the overall sustainability performance of our partners. In addition to addressing these emissions, this pillar places strong emphasis on maintaining high standards of product quality and safety, and on ensuring traceability and transparency.

Sustainable employer

Interfood’s sustainable employer pillar is centred around our greatest asset: our people. The team at Interfood represents our identity and success. To give back to them, we focus on being a sustainable employer, committed to providing a work environment that is not only healthy and inclusive but also encourages personal and professional growth.

Sustainable operations

This pillar is crucial for continuous business operations. It revolves around our right to operate responsibly, with emphasis on strict adherence to business ethics, data privacy and cybersecurity measures. This pillar also addresses environmental impacts directly related to our operations, including scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, as well as scope 3 emissions associated with our employees, such as business travel and commuting.

Sustainable society

Focused on expanding Interfood’s positive impact to the broader community, this pillar shows our dedication to a sustainable food industry. It marks our financial and non-financial contribution to the wellbeing of societies and communities.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our business activities touch on many of thegoals either directly or indirectly, but we focusour efforts on the SDGs that align most closelywith our operational activities.

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