With our global market presence, the Interfood Group is on top of the dairy market 24/7 in all continents. Our offices are in constant contact about the latest developments in the global market. We are also in daily contact with all important multinational food companies as well as numerous suppliers. This allows us to always be up to date in case markets change. You will benefit from our expert knowledge as we provide our customers and suppliers with regular news flashes and market updates.

The dairy market is a complex market and the sourcing of many of our products depends on the applications and products they will be used for. Not to mention seasonal influences and the volatility this brings in your and our market. Our commercial team has a strong background in dairy and the applications it is used for such as chocolate, confectionery and ice cream. Therefore we know we can always meet your needs and we will do our utmost to deliver accordingly so you can focus on your core business and activities.




We strive to create strategic partnerships with our esteemed customers and suppliers. Interfood acts as a linking agent with the knowledge and understanding of the end-to-end process to be able to deliver excellent service to all involved. We strongly believe that strategic long-term alliances will benefit all of us.

We believe in constant interaction with all responsible persons in every part of your company: personal relationships, site visits and regular phone interaction in an effort to understand your needs and build a professional relationship which brings trust and reliability.


Quality assurance


Our quality insurance specialists have audited and classified over 250 manufacturers globally. This enables them to comply with requirements on food safety in accordance with our office Interfood BV's SGS system ISO 22000 certification (since 2010).

Audits have been executed together with or in behalf of our customers preceded with intensive advice and deliberation on processing and quality systems, in order to comply with specific end-user requirements. This way we realize the perfect fit between our customers' requirements and our manufacturers' capabilities, with Interfood as a professional matchmaker. 

Our dairy and food technologists understand your products, processes and applications and can advise you upon the best possible raw material or dairy ingredient that will fit your specific need in functionality and purchase requirements, so you can focus on your core business.




With over 45 years of experience Interfood has gained a tremendous amount of technical expertise and know-how of dairy ingredients and applications.

A dedicated team is at your disposal when it comes to technical advice and assistance. Consistent with our core business vision, our expert team can provide added value, excellent service, cutting-edge innovation and recipe engineering. Our thorough knowledge of dairy ingredients, functionalities in food applications, food processes and products makes us your qualified partner to assist when selecting or developing ingredients for your application.

By providing solutions or enhancements to your existing applications, we aspire to work with you to perfect your products with both functional and economical solutions.



Our highly skilled, trained and dedicated logistics experts have knowledge about transport, documentation and legislation to over 100 global destinations and multiple origins.

They can assist you with shipments from all markets in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. With an excellent network of banks, warehouses, forwarders and transporters, our team has the flexibility to find custom-made solutions for your business.

Our global logistics program provides a uniform way of working and sharing information with all our global offices so we can be on top of the latest developments in the transport market.




Interfood is privately owned and financially solid, enabling us to maintain good relationships with our banks and to offer our business relations a full package of financial services: 

Management of price risks via our expert knowledge and access to the futures market

Management of credit risks via our global credit insurance portfolio

Management of forex risks

Supplier finance programs

Please contact us for your specific needs.