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Tobias Tang Jr Trader
  • 40 hours per week
  • Commercial Team
  • Interfood Singapore
Junior Trader
As Junior Trader in a trade-driven organization, you will contribute to optimize technical relationships with suppliers and customers and develop bu…
Junior Trader Uruguay
  • 40 hours per week
  • Commercial Team
  • Interfood Uruguay
Junior Trader
As a member of the commercial trade team and in close cooperation with technical service and logistics, you are responsible for maintaining existi…
Julien Matheij
  • 40 hours per week
  • Commercial Team
  • Interfood Netherlands (Bladel office)
Junior Trader
As a member of the commercial trade team and in close cooperation with technical service and logistics, you are responsible for maintaining existing…

"Being in commercial management at Interfood isn't a job. It's a mindset."

Edwin van Stipdonk - CCO

Connect with our CCO on LinkedIn for valuable perspectives and industry expertise in dairy trade.

Connect with Edwin
Edwin van Stipdonk

As dairy trader… Interfood you are a member of the global commercial trade team whose main goal is closing (international) deals, analyzing market trends, and controlling risks. In collaboration with the entire Interfood chain, you are responsible for maintaining and developing existing customer and supplier relationships.

Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to identify and monitor market and product developments and to create business opportunities with new business partners in the assigned markets.

At Interfood, we are seeking talents who have a genuine passion for commercial activities and a strong desire to excel in the field. If you thrive on exploring new opportunities, developing relationships, and contributing to organizational growth, we have the perfect spot for you!

We are in search of individuals who approach each day with a winning mindset, someone who gets a kick out of (international) business and closing big deals, aiming to make a significant impact on both company and individual results. We value those with an insatiable curiosity and a burning desire to succeed. You never stop asking questions, constantly seeking knowledge, and staying ahead of industry trends.

Let our Trade team in Uruguay show you the way. After all, who better to tell you than our own people.

Requirements for being in commercial management at Interfood

Through your commercial eagerness and mindset, you have the drive to win every day. You are entrepreneurial and you like to push the boundaries.
You like to travel internationally (10-30% of the time) and might be interested to work abroad after a few years within the company.
You have a bachelor/master degree in business, science or humanity-related field
Good communication and language skills in English (Another foreign language are an advantage). On top of that you have superior social skills.

Expand your commercial management skills at Interfood.

No matter where you start off in commercial management, we offer you opportunities to grow.

Whether in seniority, specialty or in geography, as a commercial talent, we've got your career covered. We offer extensive training, industry-leading peers and a culture where personal development is seen as the core of your professional development.

A quick overview of roles in commercial management at Interfood:

  • Commercial Manager
  • Junior Trader
  • Trader
  • Senior Trader
  • Derivatives Trader
  • Key Account Manager

Check out the job roles below and click to learn more about the job descriptions our specific offer, and our specific line-up of benefits for you!

Have a look below for more details and find out what makes working at Interfood in commercial management so special.

Meet the team

Our global commercial team of professionals spans many nationalities, backgrounds and specialists.
Some fairly new, others with a track record to impress many.

What do they all share? A professional and personal drive to become the best in the trade. An eagerness to share experience of working at Interfood. And the passion for the job that makes the aforementioned points reality.

Maria Fernanda Villa Commercial Manager

Maria Fernanda Villa

"I was one of the first women to become a trader at Interfood."
Read the interview

Timo Blanke

"I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, a businessman who travels the world exploring new places and meeting new people, while doing business."
Read the interview
Timo Blanke
Hu Zhening

Hu Zhening

"I have established a strong influence on customers and the industry, working closely with local application R&D teams and participating in trade shows, making all new projects easier to handle."
Read the interview

A day in the life of a trader


You arrive at the new and modern office, where you charge the battery of your electric car, thanks to the solar panels on the roof of the office.


Grab a cup of coffee and start your preparation for the “Global Commercial Meeting”.


“Global Commercial Meeting”, here you will share your market view (price volatility, product trends, general market info), based on the conversations you have had with customers, suppliers, and colleagues. With the information you share, the team is even more able to take the right decisions in the versatile dairy market.


“Business Unit Meeting”. In this multi-disciplinary meeting, all pending topics will be discussed, dedicated to the product group you are involved with. Colleagues from other departments join like, Finance, QA, Technical Development (TD), and Logistics. Your colleague from the TD team visited a supplier last week and brought back butter samples. With the sample she made some pastry and croissants in the “Dairy Food Studio” in the basement of the office. Now, your meetings are done!


During the “Business Unit Meeting” you were told that one of your customers is urgently looking for one container of butter. Cooperation is key now! You check with QA which suppliers are already approved, and if there is a quick way to possibly approve a new supplier. Together with Logistics you look for urgent options to supply. You ask Finance to check the credit limit on the customer, so that a potential deal does not become a financial risk. In the meanwhile, you are calling (and answering calls) customers and suppliers, to see what is happening on the physical market, and look for business opportunities for the day.


A well-deserved lunch in our fully facilitated and catered restaurant, followed by a relaxing stroll through nature.


Quick stand-up with your colleagues on the urgent supply of butter to your customer.


Moment of peace, where you can do necessary administration, like raising contracts, responding to external and internal emails, approving invoices and prevent overdue invoices by reminding customers.


You have a call with one of your key-customers, which you do on a bi-weekly basis. During this call you discuss the current market, trends, and possible challenges that occurred over the course of the last weeks. Besides this, you try to get a feeling on when they will be starting to cover product for the months or quarters to come.


Final check with the team on the urgent butter supply, before you have a call with that customer.


Good news, you and the team have managed to find the right supply for your customer, and even better, we will be able to deliver it right in time, thanks to the effort of the logistics department. The customer is verry happy with the help, and they announce that they will be back in the market next week, with significant volume for the next 3 months.


Again some time to have a call with suppliers and customers, always on the lookout for new opportunities, you never know what might pop up towards the end of the day!


What a day, time for some exercise. Luckily, you signed up in time for a “Bootcamp Session” in the gym (in the basement), which will be led by Interfood’s professional personal trainer.


Time to go home, and pack your bags, because tomorrow morning you will fly to Ireland to meet a supplier, together with another commercial colleague. Don’t forget your passport!

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