Cream gives every dessert or beverage an extra dimension. If you are looking for full cream or powder of the highest quality, look no further. At Interfood, our business located in the Netherlands, we offer dairy products that passed the strictest directives. But that is not all there is to know about our easily digestible dairy. Discover more about this specific bestseller.

How is our cream made?

All of our sustainable dairy products are made with the utmost care. Our professionals know the complexity of the dairy market and always keep a close eye on dairy futures. Our powders, which you can turn into cream, are made by spray drying fresh dairy. In this way, the nutritional element of dairy is preserved in the cream. At Interfood you can choose between a wide variety of dairy derivatives, such as liquid products and powders. Examples are low-heat or medium heat powders, 26% milk powder or 28,1% full milk powder for example.

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Learn more about our products

No matter which product you choose, with us you are assured of the best quality in the dairy industry. Get in touch with one of our employees to learn more about our passion for dairy specialties. Fill in the online contact form for more information and we will contact you as soon as possible.