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Hi Malgorzata, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Malgorzata Krzeszowska, I am 31 years old. I joined Interfood in November 2023 and I am a Junior Trader. 

I was born and raised in Warsaw, but I'm half Russian, so a significant part of my childhood I spent in Russia and Belarus with my grandparents. I've always had a passion for traveling and exploring the farthest corners of the world, so right after completing my studies, I moved to India. What was supposed to be a three-month stay turned into four years. It was an incredible experience, and sometimes I find myself deeply missing Mumbai and the friends I left behind there.

I returned to Warsaw at the end of 2020, and I began rediscovering this city anew. I must admit that with each passing year, I appreciate life here more and more.

Now, with the beautiful spring here and summer just around the corner, there's no better place to spend weekends than Warsaw. I adore meeting up with friends by the Vistula River, strolling through the city, and discovering new parks with my dog.

You are quite new to the company, finished the Trade Academy not so long ago. What drew you to commodity trading as a career?

I've always thrived in fast-paced workplaces where I could travel, make money, discover new markets, and tackle challenges. Being a trader offers all of these opportunities.

What do you think about the Trade Academy at Interfood, now that you're one of the graduates?

I found out I would be joining Interfood just two weeks before the academy started, so my first day of work was also the first day of the academy. I didn't know the company, the people, or what to expect. Everything happened very quickly, but after just one week, I knew I had landed in the right place.

I was impressed by how much the company invests in its employees and provides numerous learning tools to develop their skills. Such belief in their people instills a lot of motivation and drive to excel. I believe it's one of the factors contributing to Interfood's success.

What would you say is the biggest learning you took from the Academy?

It's hard for me to pinpoint the single biggest thing I learned during the academy; there were so many, and since I had no prior experience with trading dairy commodities, everything was important and new to me.

The most standout event during the academy was the project we had to execute in groups titled "How to create a value add of 10 million for 2024.." My team, consisting of Stijn, Brendan, and myself, approached the task in a rather unconventional way, proposing something that is currently very cutting-edge and both fascinating and slightly intimidating: AI. We spent many hours working on it and devised a program that aids traders, supply chain, and logistics in their work. We won the project, had the chance to present it to commercial management, and soon we'll be able to showcase it to the Board of Directors.

So, what skills do you need to be successful as a trader in the dairy industry?

Communication skills, deduction, ambition, and of course, like in any other industry, product knowledge are crucial. People are more willing to collaborate with you if you know what you're talking about and if they sense your commitment. A dash of patience also comes in handy; building certain relationships takes a lot of time and effort.

What's your most memorable moment at Interfood so far?

Certainly, the Academy, that month spent in Bladel, was quite exceptional. It felt like going back to university.  Getting projects sorted, hitting the books for exams, teaming up in classes, going on outings, and chilling together in the evenings. — it was an incredibly engaging month that passed by in a flash. Before the exam, I was more stressed than before my university sessions, and brainstorming after hours for the project was almost refreshing. 

Of course, there was also the opening of the renovated office in Warsaw. I have to admit that it was quite challenging to work in the temporary office; it was very small and had a rather unpleasant decor.

On the other hand, the new office, aside from its size, can easily compete with the one in Bladel. From the moment you walk through the doors, you can see the success that Interfood has achieved.

How do these memorable moments impact your work at Interfood?

I feel these moments surely impact my daily work at Interfood. A beautiful office makes you want to come in and spend time there, and the academy provided an extra boost of motivation, and it accelerated the learning process about the company and its product(s).

What about the sense of purpose? Do you feel you can make an impact?

Absolutely! Interfood even encourages it,  to have unconventional ideas and solutions. The fact that for the third time at the end of May, we'll be presenting our winning project from the academy speaks volumes about how seriously the company takes its employees' ideas and encourages initiative and moving forward with new solutions. You have to want it and be creative, and definitely, you can make an impact.

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring traders interested in a career at Interfood?

Get ready for a fast-paced and challenging job. Being part of a team with a bunch of ambitious and talented people can either feel overwhelming or super rewarding—it's up to you how you roll with it.

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