FirstFarms and Interfood form strategic partnership to cut carbon emissions in the global dairy supply

[Billund - DK / Eindhoven - NL, April 3, 2024]

FirstFarms, a leader in agriculture and farming in Central Europe, and Interfood, a global provider of dairy solutions and ingredients, are uniting their expertise to create a robust dairy supply and distribution network. The start of this cooperation was marked by a signing ceremony in Malacky, Slovakia.

Joining forces, these two companies complement each other very well. FirstFarms' agricultural expertise and Interfood's global market presence will connect dairy product supply with world market availability for food producers. The partnership will lead to the cutting of carbon emissions in the global dairy supply by minimising the volume of transport as a result of extracting the water from milk. It also aims to jointly develop and implement customer-specific sustainability interventions and innovations on farms.

"We are immensely proud of this partnership. This marks a significant step towards our goal of a global dairy-food supply chain," said Edwin van Stipdonk, CCO of Interfood. "Through this partnership with FirstFarms, we can create unique synergies, built on our mutual expertise. This is one more step towards allowing the world to enjoy dairy products responsibly and is a fine example of our company’s credo: ‘Together for better’."

"We are excited to start this journey with Interfood," said Anders H. Nørgaard, CEO of FirstFarms. "This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of a more sustainable future and our commitment to delivering high-quality products. Our cooperation with Interfood is part of our ambitious Strategy 2028 and, therefore, of significant importance for FirstFarms’ continued growth and development.”

In the picture below: Edwin van Stipdonk, CCO of Interfood, and Anders H. Nørgaard, CEO of FirstFarms, sign the agreement and form a strategic partnership.

First Farms Interfood

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