Interfood and Fermify: Co-creating a Sustainable Dairy Landscape

As Chief Commercial Officer at Interfood I'm proud to share a significant development. Recently, we have joined forces with Fermify, a pioneer in the world of food technology, setting the stage for a transformative journey in the production of (dairy) proteins.

Uniting for a Common Goal

At the heart of this partnership is a shared vision: to embrace innovation and accelerate sustainable practices in the food supply chain. Both Interfood and Fermify are committed to fostering a future where dairy products can be enjoyed responsibly, without compromising the health of our planet.

Navigating the Dairy Sustainability Challenge
The task ahead of all of us is considerable. Dairy forms an integral part of global dietary patterns and has deep cultural significance. However, making the production of these loved products more sustainable is a complex challenge, one that requires inventive thinking and novel technologies.
The food industry is navigating the path to sustainability, seeking to reduce environmental footprints while meeting the growing global demand for dairy. As Interfood, we’re committed to contributing to this process, ensuring everyone can enjoy dairy responsibly.

Harnessing the Power of Precision Fermentation
This is where Fermify's expertise plays a crucial role. Fermify is a deep tech company, advancing precision fermentation technology. This is a process that utilizes microorganisms to produce complex compounds, such as casein, the protein that is best known as the core ingredient of cheese.
With Fermify’s science team and experience in bioprocess engineering and the intrinsic drive of its founders to address the issues of large-scale milk production, we believe they have a winning combination of passion and scientific determination to deliver on the potential of precision fermentation.

At Interfood, we believe the potential of this technology is massive. Can you imagine creating dairy proteins and fats - identical to those derived from cows- but in a stainless steel bioreactor? And how this would create a more sustainable pathway to cater to the growing global dairy demand? If together, we can ‘crack the code’, we could greatly lessen environmental impact while ensuring the responsible use of our planet's resources. At the same time, precision fermented proteins and fats would be an innovative extension, not just for our product portfolio, but also to the recipes and formulations of many of our customers looking to address global food challenges.

Advancing Towards a Sustainable Future
The partnership between Interfood and Fermify marks a promising stride towards a more sustainable dairy industry. Remember, our purpose of Together for better is not just about finding the right partners, it’s also about developing viable business concepts where economic and ecological sustainability go hand in hand. Only then, we are on the path of true sustainability.

Yes, there will be challenges along the way. But these challenges, rather than hindering us, will stimulate learning, spur innovation, and catalyze progress towards our shared goals. They will motivate us to devise superior, more sustainable solutions for dairy production and consumption.

Our vision for the future remains clear: a responsible, sustainable food supply chain that can address our global population’s concerns and ensures a sustainable supply of dairy products for all to enjoy responsibly. We're excited about this journey and look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Edwin van Stipdonk

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Edwin van Stipdonk