Interfood Group is pleased with the progress in construction of the ultramodern dairy facility in Estonia

May 4 2023 | The establishment of the most modern dairy facility in Estonia, in the Baltic states, which will be the outcome of a cooperation between SCE E-Piim, Royal A-Ware and Interfood, showed significant progress in construction during the past 20 months. This production plant is significantly upgrading Estonian dairy industry’s capacity and reinforcing dairy farm-based development efforts in the region.

According to Interfood’s Corporate Development Manager Kristian Ruis, the construction phase for this dairy facility in the town of Paide runs like clockwork and the completion of the construction is rapidly approaching, aiming for the summer of 2023, to be followed by commissioning and ramp up in the second half of the year.

“Over the past period, we have been able to experience rapid development and through a timelapse video we can closely follow the progress of this project. Several cameras installed on the construction site record the progression from different angles. The installation of the spray drying tower was a great milestone for those involved.”

The new state-of-the-art plant is established with the objective of setting up sustainable and climate-neutral production, a 30-year development leap forward for the Estonian dairy industry. Selection of the building’s architectural design and technology is driven by the highest quality and hygiene requirements, while automation and digitalization solutions are applied in the plant’s process management and quality control.

Climate-neutrality and sustainability are set as priority goals in establishing the new plant complex. The thermal energy required at the plant will be produced from renewable energy sources and electricity use is planned to gradually switch to carbon neutral solutions in the future, which includes a solar park to be built on the plant’s premises.

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Enjoy the video below.

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