Interfood’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

Interfood reaffirms its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. As outlined in our 2023 Integrated Report, diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity remain core elements of our organizational strategy.

In 2023, our workforce reflected our international footprint with a near-equal gender distribution of 46% male and 54% female employees, and representation from 30 nationalities. This diversity drives innovation and improves decision-making processes.

Interfood’s initiatives ensure that every employee feels respected and valued. We maintain comprehensive policies on fair employment practices, compensation, and benefits. Gender equality is supported within our governance structures, and efforts continue to increase this percentage.

Employee engagement remains a priority, evidenced by our 83% global engagement score in 2023. Activities such as our revised employee engagement survey and focus groups are crucial in continuously improving our workplace culture.

At Interfood, a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits both our employees and our business. Leveraging the unique strengths and talents of our diverse workforce positions us to meet the needs of our global customers and drive sustainable growth. We are committed to making diversity and inclusion integral to our corporate identity and operational success.

For more detailed insights into our diversity and inclusion initiatives, read our Integrated Report.

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