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Our quality assurance specialists have audited and classified over 1200 manufacturers globally. This enables them to comply with requirements on food safety in accordance with Interfood’s ‘GFSI-recognized’ scheme. Audits, virtual or in real life, executed with or on behalf of our customers, feature detailed advice on and consideration of processing and quality systems in order to comply with specific end-user requirements. This way we achieve the perfect fit between our customers’ requirements and our manufacturers’ capabilities. We are the perfect professional matchmakers!

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Dairy R&D and business development

In order to create new business opportunities and provide technical solutions for our customers and suppliers, Interfood’s food technologists study the performance of dairy products in various applications. Dairy R&D and business development significantly boost the ‘success rate’ of product and process development projects of both our suppliers and customers by matching their technical and commercial needs. This leads to less waste in development by obtaining a more focused innovation funnel. And customers no longer need to try out multiple options which is both time consuming and costly. Suppliers also have a better understanding of product requirements, which improves efficiency.

What is Dairy R&D and business development?

In the food industry it is still common practice to use subjective analysis methods to determine application performance of dairy ingredients. Examples include the ‘thumb method’ to check textural properties of butter or ‘fork test’ to assess stretchability of melted mozzarella cheese on a pizza.

Interfood was the first in the dairy commodity industry to realise the benefits of objective rather than subjective analysis for dairy ingredients and finished products. Our Dairy R&D is an innovative technical service which matches customer and supplier needs in the quest to enhance business development.

In our state-of-the-art Dairy Food Studio we objectively evaluate and benchmark products and application parameters on a daily basis.

Technical Service

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