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Some time ago, we developed our vision on Research & Development. As a company, we already accelerated in sourcing and selling the right commodities, but we also wanted to improve our ability to advise our clients about the right product, best suitable for their application. In other words, to challenge them on the choices they make. And to be able to challenge our clients we must have an extensive knowledge of the product ourselves and we need to know how to ask the right questions. It is that specific knowledge which we are constantly building at the moment.

Nowadays we have a state-of-the-art laboratory, our Dairy Food Studio, which was officially opened on 6 October 2018 during the opening ceremony of our new office building in Bladel. Our R&D team is doing research on a daily basis, working mostly with products such as cheese, butter and milk powder.

Interfood Dairy Masterclasses
We love dairy, it’s the cornerstone of our business, and we want to be the best possible partner for both our suppliers and buyers. To fulfill this mission we constantly want to improve the level of expertise and knowhow within Interfood, and not just for the technical development, quality assurance or commercial trading roles, but through the entire organization. Each and everyone of us, also our Logistics and our Finance team, should have more product knowledge to be able to make that connection with our suppliers and buyers. We want to work together more closely and provide that extra service. So we can solve problems for them that they otherwise probably would never share with us. Therefore we need understanding of how commodities are being produced and how they are applied. And that’s when we invented our Interfood Dairy Masterclasses.

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R&D-driven business development
Our R&D team is providing advice to colleagues to increase their knowledge level about dairy. We structurally provide masterclasses, we know where to get the right expertise. Keeping in mind all companies, both clients and suppliers, that visited our offices and our Dairy Food Studio, we are sure we are moving in the right direction. We have strengthened our long-lasting relationships within the dairy industry, working together and sharing knowledge and expertise. A good example is the Dutch producer of bakery machines ‘Rademaker’, that has an in-depth knowledge of dough and pastry. They have the expertise for dough, we have the expertise for butter, and together we can discover new insights. That is what we call R&D-driven business development and that is why we have the Dairy Food Studio. To create peace of mind for our clients and suppliers, to improve product and process knowledge, and to do research and development, because that is the value of our R&D team. We know what we are talking about, not only about prices and volatility, or about logistical issues, but also about the origin, the creation, the process and the application of the products. We want all our people to have the right understanding of the commodities such as cheese, butter, powder or liquids, and also about the applications such as croissants, pizza, chocolate and ice cream.

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During these masterclasses you gain practical insights about the origin and the traditional production of products such as liquids, cheese and butter, a combination of theory and fun. You will get answers to questions like; How is butter being produced? What is churning? What is the process of making Gouda cheese? Really interesting and of great value for everybody working in the dairy industry.

Our comprehensive network of knowledge partners, dairy suppliers and dairy processors enabled us to start providing Dairy Masterclasses. The HAS Hogeschool, cheese farm ‘De Ruurhoeve’, organic dairy farm ‘De Hooilanden’, and artisan ice cream and chocolate maker ‘De Smaak’ are the perfect locations to get familiar with the products and their processes. We are learning by doing, by creating and tasting, and making the masterclasses very interactive. Having experience with both the traditional and the industrial process, there are no limits to what we can achieve together with our clients and suppliers.

We want to challenge our clients and suppliers and we want them to challenge us as well. Let us make that connection, start a conversation, build a long-lasting relationship, add value and challenge each other. Because together we are stronger. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but one thing is for sure; Interfood will be there, connecting the global dairy value chain.

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