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Interfood is a major global cheese supplier for processing. As we are always up to date with market changes, we know what our customers want and can deliver all requested products. We have a strong background in dairy; our expert knowledge is translated in the quality of our products and services.

The best cheese supplier for industrial processing

As cheese supplier for processing, we know how important it is to listen to the needs of our customers. Cheese comes in wide-ranging flavours, textures and forms, and is produced throughout the world. Interfood has made it its mission to deliver perfect products to suppliers and customers, and uphold our values: we are ambitious, trustworthy and dynamic.

This translates to the way we treat our customers, which is why we are the best cheese supplier for processing in our field. For the very best results in dairy products, collaborate with Interfood’s experts today.


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Please feel free to use our contact form to reach out to us regarding any questions you might have before you choose us as your cheese supplier for processing. One of Interfood’s highest priorities is to keep its customers happy, which is why we welcome any comments you might want to share with us.


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Presence in every continent

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