Sweet whey powder

Sweet whey powder from Interfood is an excellent quality product. With over 45 years of experience, our business in the Netherlands has come from a small family business and grown into a large successful company that delivers sweet whey powder and many more dairy products to suppliers and customers all over the world.

Discover our high-quality sweet whey powder

Sweet whey powder is manufactured by concentration and spray drying – just like we do with our spray dried milk powder – of freshly pasteurised sweet cheese whey. We are well aware of our clients’ need for high-quality products like whey, to use in other dairy ingredients, baked goods or infant nutrition, to name but a few examples. For the most part, whey is used in nutritional foods; one of the many reasons why Interfood is committed to supplying its clients with the very best quality sustainable dairy products.

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Contact your local Interfood office using our online form for any assistance you require regarding our sweet whey powder or other products. Our people are qualified specialists in the dairy business and can answer all your questions and address all your remarks. We’re available at most hours to provide you with the information you need. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a tailored approach.