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Interfood has earned its name as expert dairy milk supplier through over 45 years of experience. We realize the perfect fit between what our customer needs and our own capabilities.

Our specialists understand your products and can advise you on the best material or ingredient that will fit your requirements. You can focus on your job while we do ours. That is why we are the best in what we do.


Interfood wants to offer both suppliers and customers the best there is to offer as a dairy milk supplier. As stated earlier, we have a lot of experience in what we do and we deliver the best products when it comes to dairy, all over the world. The high-end service that we propose proves that we have an understanding of the dairy market. We love dairy and Interfood has taken this to heart and has become an experienced supplier in all continents.


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You can contact us for questions, remarks or anything else

Please contact your Interfood dairy milk supplier offices so that we can be of help. We can answer all your questions and are more than happy to register any remarks that you might have so that we can keep on improving ourselves.


Flexible solutions for delivering

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Presence in every continent

Highest food safety regulations