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"We connect the dairy supply chain enabling all stakeholders to fully understand, prioritize and resolve critical issues in real time."

Inge van Balkom - Supply Chain Manager

Inge van Balkom

In Supply Chain Management… Interfood you are a member of the supply chain team whose main goal is to create the optimal allocation, by connecting purchases & inventory (pick-ups) to sales (deliveries) based on a broad variety of logistic, commercial and product variables.

In this role you are responsible for creating the entire planning in an optimal way. In close collaboration with all internal (i.e. Trade, Freight) and external (i.e. suppliers, customers) stakeholders you will have to meet all specific requirements to be able to have a final planning which is ready for execution.

Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to advice the trade team regarding the detailed position, risks and opportunities involved.

Requirements for being in supply chain management at Interfood.

Excellent communication skills in English and a foreign language is an advantage.
You are pragmatic, flexible and analytical and you have affinity with IT systems and data.
You have a Bachelor degree, preferably in Logistics or contiguous field.
A commercial focus is key for this role, you should be able to think as a trader.

Expand your supply chain management skills at Interfood.

No matter where you start off in supply chain management, we offer you opportunities to grow.

Whether in seniority, specialty or in geography, as a supply chain talent, we've got your career covered. We offer extensive training, industry-leading peers and mentors and a culture where personal development is seen as the core of your professional development.

A quick overview of roles in commercial management at Interfood:

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supply Chain Lead
  • Supply Chain Planner

Check out the job roles below and click to learn more about the job descriptions our specific offer, and our specific line-up of benefits for you!

Have a look below for more details and find out what makes working at Interfood in supply chain management so special.

Meet the team

Our global team of professionals spans many nationalities, backgrounds and specialists. Some fairly new, others with a track record to impress many.

What do they all share? A professional and personal drive to become the best in supply chain management. An eagerness to share experience of working at Interfood. And an analytical and commercial focus, being able to think as a trader.

Lorenzo Baaijens 2

Lorenzo Baaijens

"As Supply Chain Lead, I feel like a spider in the middle of a web or the person in the control tower of an airport."
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