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If you are looking for a liquid milk supplier, contact Interfood. Benefit from over 45 years of experience and get acquainted with our wide range of products. We have taken our dairy heritage and knowledge to a higher level and have been a real player on the market for quite some time. Our mission is to offer both suppliers and customers the best service in global dairy.


Interfood delivers high quality as a liquid milk supplier. We supply our customers with industrial liquid and concentrated dairy products. These products are used for other dairy products or as ingredients in for example bakery and confectionery goods. Interfood proposes flexible solutions and delivers a 24/7 service. In our range of liquid dairy products we offer the following:

  • Liquid raw milk;

  • Liquid pasteurized skim milk concentrate 35% dry matter;

  • Liquid pasteurized skimmed milk;

  • Liquid whey concentrate 35% dry matter.


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Contact your liquid milk supplier at one of our Interfood offices. Learn more about our possibilities and our products. If you have any questions or remarks you want to share with us we are more than happy to be of assistance.


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