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Cheese 5
  • 32-40 hours per week
  • Research & Development Team
  • Interfood Netherlands (Bladel office)
Internship Dairy R&D (mozzarella)
Mozzarella is used in different end applications and depending on these applications, different properties are demanded by the customer...
Dairy R&D Powders
  • 32-40 hours per week
  • Research & Development Team
  • Interfood Netherlands (Bladel office)
Internship Dairy R&D (milk powders)
Dairy powders are used in different end application and depending on these application, different properties are demanded by the customer...
Dairy R&D Butter
  • 32-40 hours per week
  • Research & Development Team
  • Interfood Netherlands (Bladel office)
Internship Dairy R&D (butter, bakery)
In the bakery industry, the demand for constant application performance is increasing. This contradicts the nature of butter, however...

“Interfood is a great place to kickstart your career and to learn and develop a professional skillset.”

José Arduino - Junior Trader

Jose Arduino

For early careers…

….we are continuously seeking for young talent that has the drive to win every day.

There are many ways to kickstart your career at Interfood. Opportunities like internships and entry level positions. And above all, we are the perfect place to start as Junior Trader.

Are you looking for a work environment with many opportunities for growth? Do you want to learn from the best in class, sharing their experiences with you? And next to that, do you enjoy social activities and having fun with your colleagues? Then Interfood might be the perfect fit for you.

Requirements to start your career at Interfood

You are a born team player who radiates positive energy.
You are ambitious, curious and have the drive to win every day.
You are planning to complete your study in the upcoming 18 months or you have a completed Master or Bachelor degree.
You have a growth mindset and a strong believe in a successful future.

There is always ‘one more thing’ to learn

No matter where you start off at Interfood, we offer you opportunities to grow. Whether in seniority, specialty or in geography, as a career starter we’ve got your career covered. We offer extensive training, industry-leading peers as mentors and a culture where personal development is seen as one of our core tasks.

A quick overview of roles for early careers at Interfood:

  • Internship Dairy R&D Powders
  • Internship Dairy R&D Butter
  • Internship Financial & Business Control
  • Internship Event Application
  • Internship Corporate Development
  • Junior Trader

Meet the team

Our global team of professionals spans many nationalities, backgrounds and specialists. Some fairly new, others with a track record to impress many.

What do they all share? A professional and personal drive to become the best in their profession. An eagerness to share experience of working at Interfood. And the passion for the job that makes the aforementioned points reality.

Leonardo Perazza

Leonardo Perazza

"There is no better fast-track to starting your professional career than by overlapping work and education."
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Amy Seo

"I came to realize the team is always open and ready to listen to my ideas, questions and concerns."
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Peter Amy and Joshua

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