Lactic butter

You are guaranteed to find the best lactic butter on the market with Interfood. We are always up to date with the latest developments in the dairy market, we have a strong sense of quality and we always strive to deliver excellent service. Our suppliers and customers know that we deliver the best products in the field of dairy. That is why we have been their trustworthy partners, for over 45 years and counting.

Lactic butter from Interfood

Lactic butter is made from whole milk and is fermented with lactic acid. In order to provide the very best lactic butter and unsalted lactic butter for industrial markets, Interfood is always perfecting its logistics and financial processes. In this way we make sure that the services that we provide to our suppliers and the customers is of the highest possible quality. The lactic butter that Interfood can supply comes in a variety of compositions. Our two most popular varieties of our butter are:

  • Lactic butter with a small amount of salt.
  • Lactic butter unsalted with 82% fat.

This variety of butter has a full creamy flavour and is perfectly suited for baking. If you are looking for another product, like lactose, we will also gladly help you: we are also your lactose supplier and the place to be for many other products. Our anhydrous milk fat, for example, is a much sought after product.

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If you have any questions regarding our lactic butter, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact our Interfood offices anytime if you want to ask a question or if you have any remarks that would help improve our service further. Whatever your query, we are happy to help.