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Interfood is one of the best industrial cheese suppliers in the world. For almost half a century, we have been developing and supplying dairy products with great care and passion and we have used our global cheese heritage to our advantage. Interfood is constantly striving to deliver the best service in dairy.


Interfood is a worldwide, high quality industrial cheese supplier. We meet the industrial cheese demands by delivering products that we have been developing and improving over the past 45 years. We bring our customers a product line that includes hard and soft, semi-hard and hard grated cheeses in a lot of varieties. Our cheeses come in different forms and sizes, like wheels, blocks and loafs. Our expert knowledge makes us a trustworthy partner as industrial cheese supplier.


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Ask your questions, share your remarks or learn more about our possibilities as an industrial cheese supplier. At Interfood we take our dairy business very serious and we wish to make our clients happy. Find your closest Interfood offices and get in touch for additional information and product specifications.


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