Lactose supplier

Interfood is constantly improving its service level and remains among the best choice for a lactose supplier. With almost half a century of experience, we are a reliable partner in dairy. We will deliver the service and quality that you expect from your products. Our people are what makes Interfood; with passion and expertise we keep giving the best.

Interfood is a leading global lactose supplier

Thanks to our expertise in dairy, Interfood is an excellent lactose supplier. We have affinity and knowhow in working with dairy products and we have been producing a wide range of products for multiple uses. Our lactose or milk sugar is extracted from sweet whey and consists of milk with a certain percentage of fat. Of course this product is manufactured in accordance with international standards and guidelines. Lactose can be used in many different applications, such as bakery, soups, seasonings or confectionery.

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Questions or remarks are welcomed by Interfood as your liquid milk supplier. Our offices are reachable almost 24/7 all over the world and we would be happy to be of service. If you need more information regarding our products or possibilities, please contact us.