Organic milk

As the name suggests, organic milk comes from livestock that is raised by organic farming methods. The milk comes from cows that are free to graze, fed an organic compound without any growth hormone and are treated in a humane way. Would you like to offer organic milk in your business and are you looking for a supplier? Then Interfood, based in the Netherlands, offers the perfect partnership. Learn more about the benefits below!

What are the benefits of organic milk?

At Interfood, the health of our clients is as equally important the health of ourselves. That is exactly why we offer milk of the highest quality. The unique benefits of our milk include:

  • The production process is friendlier to our environment

  • Longer shelf life (because of the sterilization method)

  • High in omega-3 fatty acids

  • No growth hormone or antibiotics

Not only milk, also butter, cheese and dairy proteins are our forte. Have a look at our products online and discover our area of expertise.

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