Non-fat dry milk

Interfood, our company in the Netherlands, offers you the very best quality non-fat dry milk. We have been developing our products and services for almost half a century, benefiting from the expert knowledge that our product specialists and technicians accumulate. We are always using our Dutch dairy heritage to make the quality products that keep us on top of the market. As one of the foremost dairy suppliers for food and beverage companies, working with us is always a good idea.

Try our economical non-fat dry milk solution

Interfood’s non-fat dry milk is one of our products that we so carefully distribute from our suppliers to our customers. Powdered milk has a longer shelf life than liquid milk whilst preserving the amount of nutrients and can be stored outside of a refrigerator. This product is white to light cream in colour and has a dairy flavour. We can always meet your needs, as we are always up to date with our changing market. Our team provides you with the expert knowledge you can rely on.

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Please contact us to get more information about our non-fat dry milk. We have offices all over the world, ready to assist you with finding the answer to your questions. If you have any remarks or suggestions, we’ll happily take these to heart as well.