Whole milk powder supplier

Interfood is a whole milk powder supplier, with products available in bulk, with almost half a century of expertise. We like to match our customers’ wishes and needs with bespoke possibilities and solutions. To that end, we have a long-standing commitment to delivering high-quality products, such as whole milk powder in bulk. Our specialists can advise you on any of our product lines, because dairy is our passion. It is our DNA, our way of life. We develop our products with expertise and dedication. That is why we are the best at what we do.

Your high-quality whole milk powder supplier: also in bulk

Interfood, based in the Netherlands, delivers nothing but high-quality service as your milk supplier and whole milk powder supplier. Our spray dried milk powder ranges from white to light cream in colour and has a clean, pleasing taste. By removing as much moisture as possible, this product can be stored longer than liquid milk and presents an economical solution. We are experts in thinking of flexible solutions in whole milk powder, available in bulk and dairy for our suppliers and customers. Our team of professional technicians is always on the move, looking for new opportunities to improve our products. Read more on how to contact our whole milk powder supplier in bulk below.

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Our offices will be pleased to welcome any questions you might have regarding our possibilities as your supplier of dairy products. We can offer you all the additional information you will need to make your choice. Just ask your question through our online form and we will get on fulfilling your request right away. That is the Interfood commitment!