Skimmed milk powder

Are you looking for skimmed milk powder? Interfood, situated in the Netherlands, is committed to providing the best service and supply chain for high-quality products. We started as a small family enterprise and grown to become a successful company that is now known all over the world today. Our team is specialised in the distribution of dairy, still holding true to the familial character that made this business into what it is today. Read more below and discover why are the best choice when it comes to dairy products.

High-quality skimmed milk powder

Our skimmed milk powder is manufactured by spray drying fresh milk. At Interfood, we are experts in delivering flexible solutions in dairy. Our team of technical product specialists is always on the move to develop the next best possibilities or improvements. Our milk powder comes in many different varieties and is always manufactured with the greatest care and expertise. We offer the following options:

  • Low Heat, Medium Heat and High Heat milk powders

  • Skimmed milk powder spray at APDI extra grade

  • Skimmed milk powder, CODEX standardised on protein

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