Unsalted lactic butter

A top product from Interfood is the unsalted lactic butter. Our manufacturers are specialised in the production of dairy and have passion for and knowhow of these products. At Interfood, we offer flexible solutions, which makes us an ideal partner in the dairy industry as we are a high-quality company. We deliver the products that you need and we provide the best possible service.

Unsalted lactic butter: an Interfood product

Our unsalted lactic butter is made with great care. Lactic butter comes from whole milk which was fermented with lactic acid. Our unsalted butter has a fat percentage of 82% and has a full creamy flavour. Lactic butter is a perfect ingredient for baking. All of our products are in compliance with the international regulations and standards and have been developed with great care by our team of experts. We use our knowledge to our advantage and that is why we are the best at what we do. You can also count on us as your lactose supplier.

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