Commodity trader

Investing in agricultural products, dairy in our case, is the passion of a commodity trader. By keeping an eye on economic trends and opportunities in the agricultural market, it is possible to come up with innovative ideas for your business. At Interfood, our company based in the Netherlands, our commodity trader goes the extra mile when it comes to the manufacturing and volatility within the dairy industry. Acting fast and efficient is key!

The responsibilities of a commodity trader

As commodity traders, our professionals make fast decisions that are advantageous for our clients. What dairy products would suit your business profile? Or are you looking for something specific, such as dairy protein or powder? We combine personal skills with external training to help each customer. Just think about how useful it is to include strategic thinking, geopolitics, supply chain risk and sustainability in your workflow. In addition, as a commodity trader at Interfood, you collaborate with other industry experts to achieve great things.

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