Interfood in 2022:
a year in review

Capture the highlights of Interfood’s 2022 Integrated Report, covering our financial and non-financial performance during the calendar year.

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Interfood Integrated Report 2022
‘Together for better’


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From our CEO

“In 2022, amidst extraordinary challenges such as global conflict, the pandemic, CO2 emissions, and political instability, we made remarkable progress. Our team, committed to ‘Together for better’, stayed steadfast. Focused on our strategic pillars, we shaped our Company’s future, as reflected in our year-end figures. The relentless energy and commitment of our team and partners made this journey possible. Together, we’re building a sustainable future.

To all stakeholders - our personnel, customers, suppliers, financiers, and other partners - thank you!”

Frank van Stipdonk

Chief Executive Officer

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A rich history, a good year, and a bright outlook

Interfood has been at the heart of the global dairy value chain connecting supply and demand for over 50 years.

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Key metrics at a glance

We are delighted to report a strong performance in 2022, one that provides Interfood with a solid foundation for the years to come. Interfood’s newly defined key performance indicators are also providing us with valuable insights on our non-financial performance. They show that we are making good progress on integrating sustainability into our DNA and translating this impact beyond our organisation.

2022 Financial report

2022 has proven to be a record year for Interfood as a combination of price and volume increases have driven our revenues up to a record €3.6 billion.

We are also proud to report a record net income of €34.0 million.

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Our vision and mission

Our vision is a successful and sustainable industry that allows the world to enjoy food responsibly—now and in the future—and to enrich the lives of many through dairy.

Our mission is to drive progress for our business partners and the global dairy industry.

Both our vision and mission embed sustainability as part of our DNA.

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Our values: ‘Together for better’

Our purpose is supported by five corporate values: teamwork; commitment; professionalism; continuous improvement;
and responsible leadership.




Continuous improvement

Responsible leadership

Our value chain

Our corporate and sustainability strategies—and our purpose ‘Together for better’—guide our role in a value chain that allows the world to enjoy food responsibly.

Our value chain

Value creation model

Everything we do at Interfood is focused on value creation. We build on our team’s knowledge, expertise, and networks to realise our value propositions to meet and, wherever possible, exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and society.

Our value creation model connects inputs—human, intellectual, financial, natural, and social and relationship capital—with outputs, sustainable outcomes and solutions, and positive impact on the SDGs, aligning economic and ecological value with our purpose, ‘Together for better’.

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How we engage with our stakeholders

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Stakeholder engagement is a vital component of our business. We strive to build and maintain strong relationships with all stakeholder groups to ensure they are up-to-date on our business developments, and to address their interests, needs, and expectations.

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are an integral part of our business strategy. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint, promote a positive workplace culture and maintain the highest ethical standards.

“Sustainability and the transition to net zero are of increasing importance to our customers, manufacturers, farmers, and future generations. Partnerships and our position in the centre of the supply chain are key on this important journey”

Nancy Winkelmolen

Technical Account Manager

Nancy Winkelmolen

Sustainability pillars

To ensure the full integration of sustainability into our business operations we have developed a framework that formalises our approach, and we are making good progress on integrating sustainability into our DNA and translating this impact beyond our organisation.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable value chain

value chain

Sustainable employer

Sustainable employer

Sustainable operations

Sustainable operations

Sustainable Society


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Interfood continues to embrace the United Nations’ SDGs, with sustainability increasingly integrated into our day-to-day activities.

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Marco Morás

“To Interfood, the SDG’s highlight opportunities for innovation to help the dairy supply chain contribute to global well-being”

Marco Morás

Climate Change Manager


We expect to be able to realise another year of volume growth and to work towards achieving the goals set out in our strategic agenda despite the challenges caused by uncertainties in the world. We are confident that continuing on our existing course provides a robust and stable basis for sustainable and profitable growth in the years to come.

“We have had a promising start to 2023 and are inspired to surpass the achievements of last year. The efforts of the entire Interfood team are aimed at realising this ambition and further strengthening the bonds with our stakeholders, who are invaluable to our continued success”

Frank van Stipdonk

Chief Executive Officer

Frank van Stipdonk

Integrated Report 2022

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