A Glass of Milk for Uruguayan Children

Interfood Americas S.A. joined a project called ‘A Glass of Milk for Uruguayan Children’, which is a project promoted by Banco de Alimentos del Uruguay. This project relieves the beneficiary institutions of the burden of using their money to buy powdered milk, which is a very expensive product in Uruguay, and then gives them the chance to use their money resources to improve the nutritional value of the meals they serve.

Banco de Alimentos del Uruguay is a non-profit organization whose mission is to meet the food needs of Uruguay's most vulnerable population through donations of food and resources that would otherwise be discarded or destroyed. They make their goal a reality by minimizing food waste and generating awareness in the community regarding the care of resources. They receive donations of every sort, especially food that has a shelf life of a few days and can’t be sold in retail anymore. They have a solid distribution center, where they receive their donations and they even distribute to many of their institutions. Nowadays, they support 150 beneficiary institutions, reaching more than 40,000 people.

On April 27th, 2022, Interfood Americas S.A. Uruguay donated USD 5,000, which is equal to 53,750 glasses of milk. Interfood, as a leading global dairy supplier, is already working with powdered milk day by day. So why did the project prefer a financial donation instead of the powdered milk? The answer is simple. Banco de Alimentos has the best buying price for powdered milk, so a financial donation is the best and most efficient way to help them out. For Interfood, this project fits our sustainability strategy as this links to the global dairy value chain and can be embedded in our ambition of a sustainable society.

On May 18th, 2022, a few of the project participants visited Giraluna, an ONG that is one of the beneficiary institutions of Banco de Alimentos. Giraluna is an Alternative Education Center that works with young children and adolescents in the area of Nuevo París in Montevideo, Uruguay. They support young children with art and music workshops, education, psychological support, clothing, and regular meals.

A glass of milk for Uruguayan children in Montevideo
A glass of milk for Uruguayan children at Giraluna

“We would like to thank Jolanda van Engelen-Welleman for supporting this project and getting in touch with Dolores Battro, the Director of Banco de Alimentos del Uruguay. It was inspiring and warming to see the smiles on the children's faces.”

Best regards,

Victoria Marcovich, María Barreiro, Valerie Gazaui, Constantina Roca and Lucía Gómez, on behalf of Interfood Americas S.A.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

There are several SDGs linked to this project with Banco de Alimentos del Uruguay. Below is a brief overview.

SDG 17

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