Risk Market Analyst

Risk & Market Analyst

Your role

The risk analyst and market analyst is member of the global risk team and shares the responsibility to collect, organize and validate price/position data and perform risk related analysis like VAR and stress testing to ensure that Interfood Group stays within limits in the Hub. Bringing our existing risk framework to the next level (code base and data platform) is a shared responsibility with the Data team. 

This analyst also has knowledge to give market insights to the Business Control and Trade teams, assessing market trends, competitors’ behavior, and competitive landscapes to provide valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making for the organization, ultimately contributing to the development of effective marketing strategies and business plans. A robust forecasting process and model based on assumptions is non-existent but a must have to facilitate these discussions.

Key tasks for our new Risk & Market Analyst:

Perform risk reporting

  • Deliver accurate risk reporting and detailed analysis of positions/results/risk metrics to the stakeholders (management/trade/finance).
  • Execute periodic risk assessments like the (L)VAR model, spread reporting, option Greeks or other means to identify derivatives, market or liquidity risk.
  • Be a close liaison to the local mid-officers in the hubs of Interfood Group.
  • Timely identify issues and escalate to stakeholders.

Improve risk tooling

Continuous Improvement: Proactively identify opportunities to enhance risk management processes and contribute to the development and implementation of best practices.

  • Improve company data structure together with our Data team.
  • Upgrade existing VBA code base to Python.
  • Improve existing methodologies (MTM, VAR, Potential Future Exposure).
  • Increase value add to the business by creating efficient and transparent risk reports.
  • Continuously challenge existing systems/reports/processes.

Training & awareness

  • Improve risk knowledge and risk awareness in Interfood together with the risk/treasury/control team.
  • Organize periodic risk management sessions or seminar to explain how risk management can affect decision making in the company and what important parameters are.
  • Improve risk management policies together with the global risk team.

Market research

  • Conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, opportunities, and potential risks.
  • Analyze competitor/customer and supplier activities, market share, and regional trends to stay informed about industry developments.
  • Utilize statistical tools and data analytics to interpret large datasets and extract meaningful patterns and insights.

Forecasting and modeling

  • Provide quantitative insights to support strategic planning and resource allocation.
  • Prepare and present detailed reports, including market trends, competitor analysis, and recommendations for senior management.
  • Communicate findings in a clear and accessible manner to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Offer strategic recommendations based on market analysis to enhance the company's competitive position and achieve business objectives.

Your profile

Master or MSc or equivalent degree with and emphasis in Finance, Risk, Business Economics, or Accounting & Control; Additional qualifications are preferred e.g. CFA
>3 years of experience in a similar role or industry
A good understanding or knowledge of Derivatives, Financial Products, and Risk Management.
Experience in coding (Python/VBA/...)

Our offer

  • Competitive compensation and benefits. Salary depends on your experience and education.
  • Total health insurance coverage.
  • A family-like, team oriented working environment within a young and diverse team.
  • 40 hour work week, 25 holidays.
  • Free gym membership at Synergia Life.
  • Participate in fun team activities.

About Interfood

Do you like to work for an international company? Do you value professionality and quality? Are you comfortable in a dynamic environment? But on the other hand looking for cooperation in a close and informal team? Then Interfood is the ideal employer for you.

The Interfood Group is a leading global dairy trading company (milk powders, butter, cheese, dairy blends etc.). The Group consists of 14 offices in all continents with more than 350 employees. Our constant strive for optimal quality, up-to-date knowledge and a profound focus on service, enables Interfood to create the difference for its robust network of both clients and suppliers.

Interfood keeps on growing and developing by its proactive market approach.

We stimulate personal development and initiatives from our employees. Interfood, originally a family-based company, proves that global professionalism can still be combined with a unique personal company culture, in which we focus on following values: Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism & Responsible Leadership. All contributing to our purpose: Together for better.

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*Candidates listed in the National Registry of Persons with Disabilities, who meet the requirements and are qualified for the position described in line with Law Number 19.691 are also included in this job offering.