Trader Uruguay


Your role

As Trader you are a member of the commercial trade team whose main goal is to generate income by executing purchase and sales strategies and controlling the risk of our exposure. In collaboration with our technical service and logistic departments, you are responsible for maintaining and developing existing customer and supplier relationships. Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to identify and monitor market and product developments and to create business opportunities with new business partners in the assigned markets. You will be working in a highly dynamic environment within a growing organization with global presence.

If carrying big responsibilities, closing deals, international traveling, well-considered risk taking and working in an highly dynamic environment for a growing company with global presence is music to your ears, this position will fit you like a glove!

As a trader at Interfood you like to:

  • Speak daily to customers and suppliers to gather market information, monitor price movement and discover dairy product trends.
  • Be involved in internal discussions regarding market directions, market / product trends and positions.
  • Close deals. Based on your knowledge and understanding of financial dairy markets and it’s products, the physical market place and thanks to your commercial experience and instinct.
  • Develop strategic, long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. Understand their needs and collaborate with other disciplines (Technical, Logistical, Financial) to develop new business opportunities.
  • Manage internal processes, like sharing market intel globally and working on intercompany deals to manage global positions.
  • Take responsibility in growing the business, reaching your personally set goals and constantly aim for more.
  • Travel around the world, visiting customers and suppliers and attending trade fairs.

Your profile

Bachelor / master degree in a business, science or humanity-related field.
Minimum 3 years of experience in trading commodity markets.
You have the drive to win every day. You take (calculated) risks and you operate independently.
You get energy from identifying new businesses and managing/developing these relationships into (more) profitable accounts.
You are a good relationship builder and can easily connect to suppliers and customers.
You are a real team player, but you are also able to work independently, being responsible for your own targets.
Good communications and language skills (English and another foreign language are a must). On top of that you have superior social skills.
You like to travel internationally (10-30% of your time). And want to work abroad after a few years within the company.

A day in the life of a trader


You arrive at the new and modern office.


Grab a cup of coffee and start your preparation for the “Global Commercial Meeting”.




“Global Commercial Meeting”, here you will share your market view (price volatility, product trends, general market info), based on the conversations you have had with customers, suppliers, and colleagues. With the information you share, the team is even more able to take the right decisions in the versatile dairy market.


“Business Unit Meeting”. In this multi-disciplinary meeting, all pending topics will be discussed, dedicated to the product group you are involved with. Colleagues from other departments such as Finance, QA, Technical Development (TD), and Logistics join in.


During the “Business Unit Meeting” you were told that one of your customers is urgently looking for one container of butter. Cooperation is key now! You check with QA which suppliers are already approved, and if there is a quick way to possibly approve a new supplier. Together with Logistics you look for urgent options to supply. You ask Finance to check the credit limit on the customer, so that a potential deal does not become a financial risk. In the meanwhile, you are calling (and answering calls) customers and suppliers, to see what is happening on the physical market, and look for business opportunities for the day.


A well-deserved lunch, followed by a relaxing stroll.


Quick stand-up with your colleagues on the urgent supply of butter to your customer.


Moment of peace, where you can do necessary administration, like raising contracts, responding to external and internal emails, approving invoices and prevent overdue invoices by reminding customers.


You have a call with one of your key-customers, which you do on a bi-weekly basis. During this call you discuss the current market, trends, and possible challenges that occurred over the course of the last weeks. Besides this, you try to get a feeling on when they will be starting to cover product for the months or quarters to come.


Final check with the team on the urgent butter supply, before you have a call with that customer.


Good news, you and the team have managed to find the right supply for your customer, and even better, we will be able to deliver it right in time, thanks to the effort of the logistics department. The customer is verry happy with the help, and they announce that they will be back in the market next week, with significant volume for the next 3 months.


Again some time to have a call with suppliers and customers, always on the lookout for new opportunities, you never know what might pop up towards the end of the day!


Time for a quick (healthy) snack and a brief chat with a commercial colleague to evaluate some insights.


Time to go home, and pack your bags, because tomorrow morning you will fly to Ireland to meet a supplier, together with another commercial colleague. Don’t forget your passport!

Our offer

  • Competitive compensation and benefits. Salary depends on your experience and education.
  • We value your personal development and have a strategic focus on our learning program.
  • Total health insurance coverage.
  • International career opportunities.
  • 40 hour work week, 20 holidays.
  • Gym reimbursement.
  • Travel internationally.
  • Participate in fun team activities.

About Interfood

Do you like to work for an international company? Do you value professionalism and quality? Are you comfortable in a dynamic environment? But on the other hand looking for cooperation in a close and informal team? Then Interfood is the ideal employer for you.

The Interfood Group is a leading global dairy trading company (milk powders, butter, cheese, dairy blends etc.). The Group consists of 14 offices in all continents with more than 350 employees. Our constant strive for optimal quality, up-to-date knowledge and a profound focus on service, enables Interfood to create the difference for its robust network of both clients and suppliers.

Interfood keeps on growing and developing by its proactive market approach.

We stimulate personal development and initiatives from our employees. Interfood, originally a family-based company, proves that global professionalism can still be combined with a unique personal company culture, in which we focus on following values: Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism & Responsible Leadership. All contributing to our purpose: Together for better.

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