More than 75% of the proteins in cow’s milk, consists of caseinates. But what is it exactly? This specific element is produced by adding a sort of alkali to another derivative, such as acid casein. Because it is a food source, casein supplies amino acids, calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates. It speaks for itself that Interfood, our company based in the Netherlands, keeps an eye on the high quality if caseinates and other derivatives.

How are caseinates used?

Whether you like to use it as an element of cheese or as a nutritional food additive, caseinates can be applied in many different ways. Just think about creamers, toppings and proteins with dairy and several foods that include a variant of casein. Have a look at the specific functions below:

  • Cheese: fat and water binding

  • Ice cream: stability and texture

  • Whipped toppings: fat stabilization

At Interfood, we are only satisfied with a production and manufacturing process that preserves the characteristics of casein.

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