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Internship Dairy R&D (mozzarella)

Internship Mozzarella Research

Customers have different needs, Korean customers like a “tiger skin” type of mozzarella, while other customers demand a mozzarella which hardly browns during baking. Chinese customers demand a “soupy” stretch while other customers prefer a “gummy” stretch. Customers are looking for the best mozzarella for their pizza. How to produce a mozzarella which meets such needs?

The functionality of mozzarella cheese depends on composition, processing and storage. In addition, subjective analyses are still commonly used to determine application performance of mozzarella.

In order to better match customer’s demand with supply possibilities, Interfood is looking to expand its experience in this area. Are you interested in an internship investigating mozzarella properties?

Activities within this internship are:

  • Correlate data, literature and new findings.
  • Prepare and analyze samples with state-of-the-art methods.
  • Report findings and present your findings to your colleagues.

Your profile

HBO / University degree in a food technology or bioengineering field, e.g. food science, food innovation, food technology, food engineering or a related field.
Affinity with practical and theoretical work.
Result-oriented and self-driven mindset.

Our offer

  • Getting acquainted with the different properties of mozzarella.
  • A combination of both practical and theoretical work.
  • A family-like, team-oriented working environment.

About Interfood

Do you like to work for an international company? Do you value professionality and quality? Are you comfortable in a dynamic environment? But on the other hand looking for cooperation in a close and informal team? Then Interfood is the ideal employer for you.

The Interfood Group is a leading global dairy trading company (milk powders, butter, cheese, dairy blends etc.). The Group consists of 14 offices in all continents with more than 350 employees. Our constant strive for optimal quality, up-to-date knowledge and a profound focus on service, enables Interfood to create the difference for its robust network of both clients and suppliers.

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