Julien Matheij

Junior Trader

Your role

As a member of the commercial trade team and in close cooperation with technical service and logistics, you are responsible for maintaining existing customer and supplier relationships. On the other hand, creating new business opportunities in the assigned markets and identifying and monitoring market and product developments are also key for this role. As Junior Trader in a trade-driven organization, you will contribute to optimize both technical and commercial relationships with suppliers and customers and develop business opportunities with these partners, products and/or applications. Closing international deals, taking risks, traveling internationally, with all of these activities, the position should fit you like a glove.

As our new Junior Trader you:

  • Maintain existing customer/supplier relationships.
  • Create new business opportunities in the assigned market areas.
  • Identify and monitor market and product developments and periodically report this to the Managing Director and Commercial Director
  • Position Interfood as a global dairy expert.
  • Follow the policy position in consultation with Senior Traders and Traders.
  • Draft purchase and sales contracts using correct INCO-terms and payment terms.
  • Visit customers and suppliers in the assigned market areas and attend international trade fairs.
  • Participate in the weekly Traders Meeting.
  • Set the annual personal goals with respect to markets, customers and suppliers.

Your profile

Completed BSc / MSc education in a business/science/humanity-related field.

You have the drive to win every day. You take (calculated) risks and you operate independently.

You gain energy from numerical thinking as well as building long-lasting relationships.

You are a good relationship builder and can easily connect to both technical and commercial people.

Good communications and language skills (English and another foreign language are a must). On top of that you have superior social skills.

You like to travel internationally. (10-30% of your time) And want to work abroad after a few years within the company.

Your colleagues

Tom Kourambas
Tom Kourambas
Junior Trader

Why Interfood?
Interfood gave me the opportunity to relocate to the Netherlands, coming from Australia. In the Netherlands I’ve started working for Interfood BV in Bladel almost a year ago. With my first role, being a Supply Chain Planner, I was able to learn the ins and outs of the dairy industry and the way Interfood works. Working towards my second and current role as a Junior Commodity Trader, I gained some valuable experience while learning from the best.

What do you expect from your new colleague?
Someone who is not afraid to plunge into the world of global dairy. A social person with great communication and language skills to be able to manage relationships with our internal and external stakeholders. Working in a team is important, but the ability to work independently, with a strong focus on a specific product-market-combination, is key in this role.

What do you do in your spare time?
Outside of work, I love to travel. Now that I’m in the Netherlands, far away from Down Under, I really enjoy discovering all the sweet spots in Europe. Finding nice restaurants, experiencing interesting cities. I also enjoy playing sports like soccer and tennis.

Patricia Klaassen
Patricia Klaassen- van Abeelen
Junior Trader

Why Interfood?
Interfood is a family business which you feel in heart and soul. It’s actually a privilege to work for Interfood. They provide you all the tools you need in order for you to do your job at your best. They expect you to work hard and strive for the best possible results. As an employee of Interfood you know that hard work will be seen and appreciated.

What do you expect from your new colleague?
A motivated and dedicated person, who is willing to explore the industry, to build relationships and really wants to learn about the ins-and-outs of the global dairy industry.

Why do you want to work for a global enterprise?
In a global company like Interfood, you have the opportunity to continuously learn from colleagues from all over the world. Cultural differences are very interesting to deal with while doing business but also in a more social way. On top of that, working with all global offices gives us a broader perspective of the global dairy industry, which helps us in both forecasting and decision making.

Our offer

  • Competitive compensation and benefits. Salary depends on your experience and education.
  • Free delicious an healthy lunch.
  • Participate in fun team activities.
  • International career opportunities.
  • 40 hour work week, 25 holidays.
  • We value your personal development and have a strategic focus on our learning program.
  • Free gym inside our office.
  • Travel internationally.

About Interfood

Do you like to work for an international company? Do you value professionality and quality? Are you comfortable in a dynamic environment? But on the other hand looking for cooperation in a close and informal team? Then Interfood is the ideal employer for you.

The Interfood Group is a leading global dairy trading company (milk powders, butter, cheese, dairy blends etc.). The Group consists of 14 offices in all continents with more than 350 employees. Our constant strive for optimal quality, up-to-date knowledge and a profound focus on service, enables Interfood to create the difference for its robust network of both clients and suppliers.

Interfood keeps on growing and developing by its proactive market approach.

We stimulate personal development and initiatives from our employees. Interfood, originally a family-based company, proves that global professionalism can still be combined with a unique personal company culture, in which we focus on following values: Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism & Responsible Leadership. All contributing to our purpose: Together for better.

Will you become our new team member?