Dairy value engineering

As a leading trading company, being the best in dairy value engineering is one of our most important professions. Every day we collaborate with international producers, processors, governments, importers and distributors to guarantee the quality of our products. With dairy value engineering, we can keep a close eye on the changing markets, learn more about products and ameliorate our service towards clients. Learn more about our strategy in dairy value engineering below.

The strategy behind dairy value engineering

At Interfood, our dairy company based in the Netherlands, we match the needs of our customers and suppliers with the latest development in technology. By combining expert knowledge, personal skills, experience with the dairy industry and networking, this form of engineering makes it possible to create new partnerships, products and applications. It is because of these strengths that we are a widely appreciated cheese supplier for processing, and a supplier of many other dairy products. We can also help you, if you are looking for a specific dairy powder like fat-filled whey powder.

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Ask for more details about our engineering skills

Would you like to know more about the dairy value engineering strategy of Interfood? Or do you have what it takes to join our team? We are always available for a chat. Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our international offices. Leave your personal details via the online contact form to receive more information about our area of expertise and economical strategy.