Rapport intégré 2021

Nous sommes extrêmement fiers d'annoncer que nous avons publié notre tout premier rapport intégré, dans lequel nous commençons à rendre compte de nos performances en matière de durabilité. Bonne lecture !


Human Capotal

Human capital
Our X employees (FTE) and their exceptional talent and capabilities are the foundation of our business.

Intellectual capital

Intellectual capital
Our in-depth and data-driven organisational knowledge, ranging from market insights and technical expertise to sustainable solutions, allows us to provide our suppliers and customers with outstanding service.

Financial capital

Financial capital
Our conservative financial strategy (XX% solvency) and strong partnerships with financiers that allow us to reach our full potential for the provision of services.

Natural capital

Natural capital
The environmental resources such as
energy (XXX kWh) and commodities (XXXXXX MT purchased) which allow us to run our operations.

Social and relationship capital

Social and relationship capital
The transparent dialogue we maintain with our key stakeholders (XX unique suppliers and XX unique customers) in order to carefully manage our impact on local societies.



male/female ratio


of employees receiving

regular performance and

development reviews




Sustainable Solutions

Facilitating partnershipsand providing sustainable solutions for our customers and suppliers to address farm-level environmental challenges.

Sustainable value chain

Working towards a more sustainable value chain by promoting sustainability, product quality and safety and traceability in the entire value chain.

Sustainable employer

Becoming an increasingly sustainable employer byensuring a healthy, safe and diverse environment and stimulating learning and development for our team.

Sustainable operations

Maintaining sustainable operations by managing risks, safeguarding business integrity and minimising our environmental footprint.

Sustainable Society

Contributing to a more sustainable society by investing in a future-proof food sector in which food can be enjoyed responsibly.


The impact of our activities spread far and wide. While our positive contribution to sustainability challenges is diverse, we most prominently create value for the following SDGs:

SDG 08
SDG 12
SDG 13
SDG 17

Stakeholder Engagement

We identify our wide range of stakeholders by considering everyone we influence through our operations, and how they uniquely impact our business.

They form the basis of Interfood, enable us to do business, set expectations about the services we provide and the design of our business model, and work with us to provide feedback on the effectiveness of our actions to enable a wider impact.

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