Peter Ng, Amy Seo and Joshua Ang – Commercial managers – Interfood Apac

The dairy industry is a very interesting market. Its volatile character requires you to stay alert and apply all your skills

Hi! Please introduce yourself?
Hi, this is Peter Ng from Singapore. I started in October ’22 as Commercial Manager.

Hi, I am Joshua Ang from Singapore and I joined Interfood in May of 2022.

My name is Amy Seo from Korea. In March 2022, I joined Interfood Singapore as a Trader for the Korean market. I actually relocated to Singapore for this new position and have traded in the dairy industry in Korea before joining Interfood.

Peter: “So Interfood was one of your suppliers in the past? And now you are working at Interfood group? Nice.”

Amy: “ Indeed! I have known Interfood since 2011 and never expected to get the chance to work there. I was already active in the dairy industry on the ‘buying’ side. So, now being a commercial manager that also sells the goods is a huge development opportunity for me.” Joshua: “That’s also how I got to know Interfood. They really provide opportunities to broaden your commercial and trading skills. So it’s good to hear that you experience the same. “And besides that”, Peter adds, “the dairy industry is a very interesting market. Its volatile character requires you to stay alert and apply all your skills. Luckily, having a young and energetic team helps me in developing just that.”

So you moved from Korea to Singapore, Amy?
“That’s correct. Honestly, it was quite a challenge and a leap of faith. But I was convinced of the benefits it would bring. Most importantly, I know many people in the dairy market in Korea, and they know each other. Of course I speak Korean, so it helps me to communicate better with local customers and allows me to better understand and connect international opportunities. Peter: “I can imagine that helps tremendously. I have been active in the food ingredient industry for 10 years now. Prior to Interfood, I worked for a chocolate manufacturer. So also in my case I have a good understanding of similar supply chains.”

Peter Amy and Joshua

Peter and Joshua share a first impression in their relatively short time at Interfood: ”What really struck us is the energy and fast pace the team displays. Maybe that has to do with the relatively young team and their high level of enthusiasm… this really makes our performance a team achievement.” Amy seconds that. “Before, it sometimes felt I was working alone as an independent professional. And honestly, it did take some time getting used to working for a company that is originally Dutch. But as time went by, I came to realize the team is always open and ready to listen to my ideas, questions and concerns. I learned to appreciate that very much.”

What do you expect to get from participating in the Interfood Academy?
Amy: “For me, this would break down into two main components: First, learning as much as possible about the global dairy market. Secondly, getting to know my colleagues around the globe. Both are vital to help understand the world market dynamics. Joshua:” I also really liked the visits to the farm and the dairy workshops. It gave us a close-up and first-hand experience with all types and stages of dairy products. Peter:” I couldn’t agree more. This combination really helps to understand the perspective of our customers and suppliers and be a better partner and advisor for them.”

Amy: “Did I already mention that I’m very impressed by the Interfood office? That’s a whole experience by itself, including the ‘happy cows’ in the building and the lunch walk in nature just outside the office.”

Joshua: “Oh, and don’t forget to mention that all Academy sessions are hosted by Interfood’s internal experts. Besides new colleagues, they’re also potential mentors and coaches I can use to develop my skills. Peter: That really gives me confidence too. The learning curve doesn’t stop here. But most of all, I made some new friends at Interfood. What more can you ask for?”

Are you interested in joining Amy, Peter and Joshua? Check out this vacancy.

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