Thu Tran - Supervisor Logistics - Interfood Australia

Within a few years you will be a logistics all-rounder, working for Interfood.

Hi Thu, could you please introduce yourself?
My name is Thu Tran, I am 32 years old and I’m a Supervisor Logistics at Interfood Australia. I was born in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, but both my parents are from Vietnam.

I obtained my marketing degrees in the Netherlands, first a Bachelor in Nijmegen and then my Master at Tilburg University. During my studies I worked part time at a freight forwarding company and that was where I got introduced to the logistics industry. Once I graduated, I decided to apply for a logistics role at the same company.

In 2013, after 1,5 years of working in logistics in the Netherlands I made a big decision to move to Australia to work, travel and explore the country. Since then, I have been permanently settled in Melbourne, Australia.

Now 7 years later, I’m still working in logistics, not in the Netherlands but on the other side of the world, where this is my fifth year at Interfood Australia.

What was your motivation to start a job at Interfood?
My motivation to start the job at Interfood was because it was a supply chain role in the trading industry and that was something new to me. In the past I had only worked in operational positions within logistics at freight forwarders and manufacturing companies. With this role it was a chance for me to learn about the dairy trading industry and to expand my supply chain knowledge. Also, Interfood being a Dutch company was a bonus for me.

Logistics Manager Australia

What is your favorite thing about Interfood?
My favorite thing about Interfood is that I keep learning new things here and working here has significantly developed my skills and knowledge in logistics/supply chain over the years.

In addition, I enjoy working with our great team in Australia, where there is a good and open communication in the office and where we work together and excel, even in challenging situations. Together we always strive to achieve the best results for the company. I am happy that our logistics team was still able to contribute to the amazing APAC results in March and April this year, even with the work from home scenarios and other adjusted processes.

What is your best memory of your time at Interfood until today?
Since working at Interfood I have been able to travel to the Interfood offices in Singapore and the Netherlands. It was great to experience the working environment in other offices. We also had some memorable and fun team-building activities during these business trips, which I believe improved our future working relationship as well.

On top of that, our annual APAC events that took place in Bali in 2017 and in Singapore in 2018 were a great experiences. It was a good opportunity to meet and connect with our colleagues from all APAC offices.

About your job at Interfood, what does your average working week look like?
My average working week would be assisting the Logistics Coordinators in managing and solving complex shipment issues along the supply chain. Additionally, overseeing all of the shipments from origin office in Australia, liaising with freight forwarders, supplier and other Interfood offices, and making sure the supply chain continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Currently, I am working within the Project Unite team on the new ERP system that we roll-out within the APAC offices. I’m the assigned Local Key User in Australia and it is very exciting to be part of this project. I look forward to provide my input and to continue obtaining full understanding of the ERP system before we go live in all APAC offices. My next challenge is setting up appropriate training materials for Interfood Australia.

What do you like the most about your job?
At Interfood there is flexibility within my job to independently perform my tasks and responsibilities. This has allowed me to learn all aspects of the company and it has given me the chance to improve my supply chain knowledge over the years, such as dairy product knowledge and different warehousing business models.

Working within the logistics department every day can be challenging, especially when unexpected moments occur. On the other hand, we are constantly learning and we continuously have to think outside the box to solve complex matters. This keeps me motivated in my role and focused to achieve the best outcome every time.

You started as Supply Chain Coordinator. What are the main differences compared to your current role as Logistics Supervisor?
The big difference now as Logistics Supervisor is that I can be more involved in improving logistics operation processes and increasing efficiency within the Logistics Execution team in Australia.

With the experience I have built over the years as a Supply Chain Coordinator, I’m better able to foresee issues in an earlier stage, as well as solving problems in a better manner.

Finally, what would you say to potential new team members?
Working for Interfood enables you to continuously improve your skills and knowledge, it’s not the average type of company. Due to the dynamics of the business and the industry, you will get involved with many other parts of the company and not just your own role only. It’s a good opportunity to develop your supply chain skills and while working in logistics you will definitely gain knowledge on specific products and the trade business as well. Within a few years you will be a logistics all-rounder working for Interfood.

Thu Tran

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